Whomp It© x Fulcrum Yodie Land 18" Beaker Bong


Go straight to Yodie Land with the Limited Edition Whomp It Fulcrum Bong! The Whomp It 12" Bong is the pinnacle of glass technology. Renowned for its resilience and durability, this 9MM thick strong bong delivers incredible flavor and unmatched performance. Say goodbye to delicate glass and embrace the power of Whomp It Glass. Enjoy your herbs to the fullest with its premium thick glass, cooling ice catcher, and scientifically calculated proportions. Featuring a glass diffused downstem and bowl for enhanced water filtration, enjoy the smoothest sessions ever. Get your Yodie Land Beaker while they last, only 250 available!

The future of glass is here.

  • Whomp It Borosilicate Glass™ - 50x9mm Thick
  • Ultra Thick 18mm Reinforced Base
  • Exclusive Sandblasted Whomp It x Yodie Land Faded Than a Ho Signature
  • Boro Glass Diffused Downstem
  • 14mm Boro Glass Bowl
  • Built-In Ice Catcher
  • 18 Inch Beaker Bong

High-Density 9mm Borosilicate Glass

Renowned for its durability and smooth function, this beaker is crafted from high-density 9mm borosilicate glass. Boasting impact and thermal shock resistance, this bong is sure to last.

Ultra Thick 18mm Reinforced Base

The 18mm thick reinforced base ensures superior balance and durability, offering added support and resistance against accidents.

Super Thick Joint

The beefy joint enhances the overall robustness of the beaker, providing a secure connection between the bowl and the body for seamless smoking experiences time and again.