About Us

The Start

Whomp It's journey commenced in 2020 when CEO Austin Miller became intent on creating a glass beaker bong with an incomparable strength. With an aim to provide the best smoking devices, he combined ideal design, function, and engineering, giving rise to Whomp It. Through careful determination, he has expanded the vision and created a resilient line of smoking products.

The Principle

As members of the herb loving community, we knew glass was due for a much needed a change. We did away with thin, fragile glass and created a stronger and safer scientifically engineered industry standard that unleashes the full potential of the herb.

The Best Experience

We are driven by our sincere dedication for delivering high-quality experiences and innovative products in the world of smoking. Discover a profound difference, from the incredible flavor brought out in your herb to newfound bodily sensations and more, all with Whomp It Glass.