The Key Benefits of Smoking With Whomp It Borosilicate™ Glass Bongs & Pipes

Unlocking the Superiority of Whomp It Borosilicate™ Glass

In the realm of smoking accessories, namely pipes, the choice of materials can significantly impact the overall experience. With a plethora of options available, borosilicate glass, also known as boro glass, stands out as a favorite for crafting superior smoking devices. Whomp It Borosilicate™ glass, is a specialized type of borosilicate glass.

Whomp It Borosilicate™ glass offers a host of benefits that elevate the smoking experience and is renowned for its unparalleled durability, thermal shock resistance, non-toxicity, ease of maintenance, and optical clarity.


What Is Borosilicate Glass and Why Is It Better Than Regular Glass?

Borosilicate glass is a type of non-toxic glass that includes silica and boric oxide as the main glass-forming constituents. The boric oxide allows for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, resulting in glass that can withstand extreme temperature changes unlike regular glass that would crack.

This resilience and thermal shock resistance has made it the glass of choice for high-end cookware, hospitals, laboratories, and more.

Many are unaware that not all glass is created equally. Consider our high-density borosilicate Whomp It Glass© products as an example.


What Is Whomp It Borosilicate™ Glass and Why Is It Better Than Regular Borosilicate Glass?

Whomp It Borosilicate™ stands apart from regular borosilicate glass due to its unique composition and manufacturing process that significantly enhances its durability and performance. Unlike standard borosilicate, Whomp It Borosilicate™ undergoes a specialized treatment that results in a higher density and greater resistance to thermal shock and physical impacts. Our advanced glass products are crafted with a thicker wall, reaching up to 20mm in certain areas, providing unmatched strength and resilience. Additionally, the superior non-toxic properties and optical clarity of Whomp It Borosilicate™ ensure a pure and untainted smoking experience. When compared to regular borosilicate glass, Whomp It Borosilicate™ not only offers increased longevity and reliability but also guarantees a higher standard of safety and aesthetic appeal, making it the optimal choice for discerning smokers.


1. Unrivaled Durability

The inherent strength of Whomp It Borosilicate glass sets it apart from conventional glass materials. Borosilicate glass undergoes a specialized manufacturing process that results in a stronger, more resilient product. This durability allows borosilicate glass bongs and pipes can withstand thermal shock, accidental knocks, and temperature fluctuations without breaking as easily as regular glass would. Such robustness provides users with a long-lasting smoking apparatus, offering both reliability and peace of mind.

Borosilicate glass items can vary in thickness for different levels of durability. Crafted for longevity and superior performance, our top-tier glass products feature a 9mm wall thickness, exceeding the typical 5mm thickness seen in regular glass bongs and pipes. At Whomp It Glass, we use the thickest glass tubing available to make our bongs and pipes. Using high-density 50x9mm thick borosilicate, our expert glassblowers are able to form areas up to 20mm thick on our products, namely our beakers bases, for the ultimate durability.


2. Superior Resistance to Extreme Changes in Temperature

One of the standout advantages of borosilicate glass in bong & pipe construction lies in its exceptional ability to withstand high temperatures and thermal shock. Borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, a property that indicates the rate at which the glass expands when exposed to heat. Borosilicate glass remains highly resistant when exposed to heat during smoking sessions, ensuring a pure and untainted smoking experience that preserves flavor and quality - something regular glass lacks.

The resistance to temperature changes also allows for versatility in your choice of smoking methods. From a warm, flavorsome smoke to a chilled experience, borosilicate glass allows you to have sessions just the way you like themThe thermal shock resistance also allows for easy cleaning without worry of breakage since you can run hot, and even boiling water through without shattering the glass.


3. Non-toxicity

Borosilicate glass is a better choice for smokers due to its non-toxic nature. It is BPA-free, lead-free, and considered hypoallergenic. It is classified as medical grade and is highly resistant to chemical changes. Because of this, it is the prime glass of choice used in hospitals, chemistry labs and industrial settings. It is also used for kitchenware and is safe for cooking. Due to its high temperature tolerance, there is zero exposure to toxic fumes when borosilicate glass is heated, unlike when regular glass is heated. Because of borosilicate glass's resistance to chemicals and acid degradation, there is no need for concern over substances seeping into your water or glass.

Overall, due to its non-toxic properties, borosilicate glass is the optimal selection for smokers health.


4. Easy to Clean and Hygienic

Maintaining the cleanliness of smoking devices is crucial for a pleasant experience and overall health. Borosilicate glass pipes excel in this aspect due to their non-porous nature, which resists the buildup of residue or odors. This inherent property makes cleaning a breeze; simple rinsing or using isopropyl alcohol is often sufficient to restore the glass to its pristine condition. The hygienic surface of borosilicate glass enhances the smoking experience by ensuring each session is as fresh and pure as the first.


5. Optical Clarity

Borosilicate glass is recognized for its optical clarity, a material's capability to let light pass through it. It isn't affected by browning or solarization and remains clear throughout with effective transmission of light. Equally vital is its durability during cleanings and its corrosion resistance that resists dulling and allows it to remain a clear glass with high visibility.


The Best Material for Smoking Pipes

Overall, Whomp It Borosilicate™ Glass is the perfect material for smoking pipes and has many benefits including durability, thermal shock resistance, safety, cleanliness, and clarity. Whomp It Borosilicate™ Glass pipes not only promise a superior and untainted smoking experience but also stand the test of time, becoming cherished possessions for enthusiasts. Whether for personal use or as collectible pieces, Whomp It Borosilicate™ Glass devices undoubtedly represent a pinnacle in smoking technology and craftsmanship.

The long list of Whomp It Borosilicate™ Glass's benefits explain why it reigns over other smoking device materials and why your next purchase should be manufactured from this durable material.


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