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The Start

Whomp It's journey commenced in 2018 when CEO Austin Miller became intent on creating a glass beaker with an incomparable strength. Through careful determination, he expanded the vision and created a resilient line of smoking products. With an aim to provide the best, most durable smoking devices, he combined ideal design, function, and engineering, giving rise to Whomp It.


Whomp It is an Online Head Shop dedicated to the discreet delivery of Thick Durable Glass and Smoking Accessories. We craft nearly unbreakable bongs, beakers, straight tubes, spoon hand pipes, and more durable gear for the best smoke sessions!

At Whomp It, we prioritize quality, durability, and functionality when creating our products and provide glass that can withstand everyday use. Our glass pieces are engineered by a team set to create the strongest bongs, rigs, stems, bowls, and more.

We make the best bongs, as thick as glass bongs can possibly be made and with an ultra thick base! Using high quality thick 9mm borosilicate glass, we create ideally structured pieces that are as durable as possible. While no glass, even bullet proof glass or Prince Rupert’s drops, are completely indestructible, we craft our products as strong as can be so you can smoke at ease.

Quality and Durability

At Whomp It, we are committed to producing high-quality glass. We refuse to cut corners and we prioritize producing the best possible designs. We take pride in our process and maintain consistent design specifications, thicknesses, and heat treatments. Our glass pieces provide the best function and durability.


Not only are our glass smoking devices strong, they are also functional. Our extensive experience in producing glass and smoking products has taught us a great deal about the function of different products. Whomp It products are designed to facilitate airflow while ensuring optimal efficiency. Our pieces require specific parts to be arranged accurately to provide ideal function. Not only do they have to look the part, but they also have to operate correctly in many small aspects to provide the best possible experience. You will notice that every Whomp It product is highly functional.

So how are we different?

Committed to perfection, we refuse to compromise on the quality of our products. We provide our customers with nearly indestructible bongs, dab rigs, and more top-notch smoking products. Our dedication to producing durable and high-functioning glass means that our products are noticeably heavy and solid, even our small pieces.

Our 9mm glass beaker bongs and 9mm glass oil rigs feature custom super thick joints for maximum durability and function. We enjoy glassblowing bongs and crafting the strongest smoking devices out there. We prioritize the best possible design outcomes over the easiest production methods. Whomp It will take your glass game to the max!

We always strive to improve our products and appreciate feedback from our customers. We welcome new ideas and invite you to drop us a message to share your thoughts!

Email: whompitglass@gmail.com


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