Whomp It© 12" BIG Spoon


Smoke HUGE clouds with this XL hand pipe! Crafted from 9MM thick glass, this 12" big clear glass pipe is sure to last. This is no ordinary glass pipe, you can rely on the BIG Whomp It Spoon Pipe to give you smooth and massive hits! This huge glass pipe is equipped with a deep and functional bowl, great for packing a good amount of herb. No one will forget this big pipe at parties and get-togethers!

  • High-Density 50x9mm Thick Boro Glass
  • Ultra Thick¬†Reinforced¬†Structure
  • Functional Deep Capacity Bowl
  • 12 Inch Long Spoon Pipe
  • 5 Inches Tall
  • Flat Base for Stability
  • Carb Hole: Left Side
  • Sandblasted Whomp It¬†Signature