Whomp It© DuraSet

$70 $60

Enhance your smoking sessions with the Whomp It© DuraSet. Made from medical grade anodized aluminum, this strong set features a versatile adjustable downstem and cool to the touch bowl technology for the smoothest sessions. This set provides a strong, worry-free experience.

  • Extremely Durable
  • Cool to the Touch vs. Glass Bowl
  • 14mm Male Bowl
  • Reducing Diffused Low Profile Downstem (Fits into 18mm joints and accepts 14mm bowls and accessories)
  • Slit-cut Diffuser
  • Adjustable Length From 1.875"-4.375" (6" full length with joint ground included)
  • Easy to Clean
  • Made from Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum
  • Food Grade

Aircraft Grade Set

Experience the smoothest sessions with this set's cool-to-the-touch technology and exceptional durability. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, you won't have to stress about breakage.

Versatile Downstem Solution

The adjustable diffused downstem is crafted to withstand the toughest sessions, and its customizable size allows it to fit seamlessly into most bongs.

Multi-Hole Diffusion

Experience enhanced filtration and diffusion with this downstem. Engineered to disperse smoke evenly for smoother hits, this downstem ensures optimal airflow to elevate your smoking experience.