Whomp It© Cleaner Formula 2 Pack - Safe on Glass Ceramic Silicone Metal

$36 $29

The Solution for a Cleaner & Healthier Piece! Dirty smoking devices are dangerous. The Whomp It Cleaner Formula effectively disinfects and leaves pyrex, glass, ceramic, silicone, & metal looking like new! Improperly cleaning glass can lead to the inhalation of harmful fungi and bacteria which can result in serious health problems. Revive your piece and refresh your session with the Whomp It Cleaner Formula 32 oz Bundle!

✔ Begins To Work in Seconds
✔ Disinfects
✔ Deodorizes
✔ Reusable
✔ No Shaking
✔ No Abrasives
✔ Great for Pieces of All Shapes & Sizes
✔ Safe On: Pyrex, Glass, Ceramic, Silicone, & Metal
✔ Leaves Your Pieces Looking Like New!